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Marketing services

  • SEO auditThe SEO audit is a set of detailed documents which aim to review the current state of the website and to outline recommendations for its improvement. It consists of two sections – technical recommendations, and content and functionalities review.
  • Content StrategyThe content strategy is a three months marketing plan for generating and distributing digital content and activities. It outlines which channels, types of content and activities, tools and specialists are needed to complete certain marketing goals.
  • ConsultationsThe consultations could be either during the execution of the content strategy, or stand alone recommendations on specific issues.
  • TrainingOne or two-day company trainings directly on your web properties – your website, social profiles and email marketing activities. The goals of the trainings are to prepare your own web team to be able to complete their daily tasks.


One woman band
(for now)! Lily GrozevaConsultantStarted AllviaWeb in 2017 as SEO blog. Since then has consulted with some of the most renowned brands both in Bulgaria and internationally, spoken at most local industry events, company trainings. Lecturer of SEO and Social Media in Sofia University.

Lili Grozeva

PROJECTSSome of my latest projects

  • EdamamEdamam is about eating better. Their goal is to capture the world’s food knowledge and distill it to help you make informed choices at the store and in the kitchen.
    • SEO audit
    • Content strategy
    • Consulting